Our Vision

Urban Christian Academy seeks to be a school where Jesus Christ is preeminent and God through the Holy Spirit is acknowledged as the One who created all things, sustains all things, and works all things for His glory and our good. We honor the name of Christ by achieving excellence at all levels and developing the skills of our students to their fullest potential. These skills are developed deeply and broadly through Biblically-rooted instruction in academics. UCA instills in our students an attitude of servant leadership so that they are equipped to engage and transform the culture for Christ wherever God calls them.

Currently, we are a K-5 school serving over 100 scholars, and our plan is to add a new grade each year.  We started in 2014 with one kindergarten class and have been adding a class each year. Long-term we are praying for God to open the doors to allow us to serve scholars and their families from pre-K through 12th grade.




Million Raised

Proficiency in Math + Reading


Not Another Band-Aid

Kansas City is home to thousands of nonprofits. The social justice movement has brought much needed awareness to many issues plaguing our inner cities. Education reform and closing the achievement gap have become hot topics in and around major cities, including Kansas City where our public schools are currently unaccredited. Brendan, a five-year-old living in a low-income apartment project, is one of the most charismatic pre-schoolers you’ll ever meet. He receives multiple services from local non-profits including pre-school, food assistance, and summer programming. Hakeem, Brendan’s older second grade brother, receives two free meals each day at school, is a part of the Read to Lead program, attends an after school program, and receives a backpack full of food each Friday as he leaves school to ensure he has food to eat over the weekend. Brendan and Hakeem’s was recently murdered and their mom struggles to make ends meet with her low-paying job at a local dollar store. Their apartment project has two non-profits housed in it’s community center that offer services to children. Despite all of these programs, Hakeem is still academically behind and has behavior problems at school. As we have explored the non-profit groups serving children and their families, we have met and seen many heroes serving relentlessly.


However, there is a common phrase that these service providers keep saying: ”The schools aren't meeting the needs of our kids so we try to step in and fill the gap.” It’s as if the kids come out of school each day bleeding, and we bring them to our programs and put band-aids on their wounds. Then we send them back to school the next day, only to bring them back to our programs to apply even more band-aids. A professor at UMKC once put it this way: “There are really great people working hard to pull babies out of a river and revive them. Some are having success while other babies are dying. Regardless of the good work being done at the river, someone has to have the courage to walk up the hill and stop the babies from getting dropped in the river.” We commend those who tirelessly work at the river rescuing those who have been struggling to stay afloat. Their work is irreplaceable. However, we have a dream that one day remedial after school programs won’t be the norm or even be necessary because kids will leave school on target. We have a dream that nonprofits can stop being band-aid providers and start really nurturing souls; a dream that all students can have access to the same quality education regardless of what zip code they live in. We are walking up the hill and setting up shop to ensure that as many kids as possible will avoid the river of poor education. We recognize that the brokenness in our community will require holistic care of scholars and their families. We see education not as a savior but rather as a tool. Jesus is the Savior, and we are unashamed to wave His banner high as a beacon of hope and transformation. This journey cannot happen without the support of many people who are willing to dream about what could be if a generation of young scholars were released into their communities armed with the Truth of God’s word and the power of a high-quality education. We believe that change is possible. We believe we must act now. We believe that God is in the business of transformation and we are eager to join Him in His great work.

Why Urban?

Why Christian?

Why Education?

Simply put, we believe Christ is the only hope for the transformation of lives. When we look at the city we call home, we see His fingerprints all around us and at the same time we see the brokenness that sin has caused. From the effects of historical and ongoing racism to abuse and neglect, we’ve seen and experienced the devastation that sin has caused in this community. Many are tempted to believe the lie that things can't change and dysfunction is hopelessly cyclical. But there is a Light that can pierce through the darkness and a Hope that can restore all that has been broken. We believe that God alone has the power to break through the chains of injustice in our city. We believe He has deep love and compassion on the least of these, that He longs to be a refuge for the weary and burdened. We see a quality education as an important key in the process of breaking the cycle of poverty and transforming broken parts of our city into flourishing communities. Therefore, our goal is to see our scholars on a different trajectory than the one their zip code dictates. We believe that while Jesus is the linchpin to transformation, an excellent, high-quality education is a vehicle to a myriad of life options we believe our students deserve and are capable of.

We see education not as a savior but rather as a tool.

Jesus Christ is the Savior, and we are unashamed

to wave His banner high.