Art Auction 2017

Last Friday was such a blast that we just couldn't end the art auction fun quite yet. So... it's online auction time! We've got seven pieces of scholar artwork waiting for you to see and take home. Here's how this will work:

Bidding starts NOW and closes Friday at 3:00pm. Click the "place a bid" button to shoot us an email with your highest bid for that specific piece of artwork. We will keep this page updated over the next 2 days with the current bid up until closing time Friday afternoon.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for celebrating scholar creativity with us and investing in God's story. Let the online bidding begin!


London Watkins // Sharpie

"It is so important to take care of Kansas City. It's important because I love Kansas City. Kansas City is amazing because every time we drive around I'm always saying "WOAH!" because I'm seeing something I never seen before. God made Kansas City because He wanted some place fun and so He put the funnest people in Kansas City. Since this is God's city it's our job to help Him do more awesome stuff like compassion and build really cool schools and fun pools and take care of our neighbors because they belong to God too."



Isaiah Valdez // Acrylic paint, flour

"If you have a space suit you can visit the moon. The moon reflects the light from the sun to the earth. If the moon didn't shine, the night time would be too dark to see. Jesus is light too. He reflects in our hearts to help us see. If we don't have Jesus it would be dark inside our body. He cleans our hearts because He loves us and He wants us to be our very best. We should reflect Jesus in our hearts like a mirror to somebody else."



La'Kiya Johnson // Watercolor, Sharpie

"These cats are going to school. At school they learn how to be nice and how to care about each other. They have a proud cat teacher who is nice. She is nice because she lets them write books about themselves. The blue cat is the nicest cat because he plays with all of the friends. At recess the cats play tag. The cats go on field trips and get to go on walks and eat snacks and they go to the Union Station."



Xaviana Perez-Martin // Tissue paper, water

"This work reminds me of a new baby that just came out. I think of babies as rainbows and unicorns because they are just so cute and make me feel just so so happy. When you're in your mom's stomach, you're zero years old then you get pushed out and wrapped up carefully. Once you're out you are very fragile. Our hearts are soft and fragile. But when you get bigger our feet and our hearts get hard. It's worst when your heart is hard and even if you go to church you still will always need a rescuer. You need a rescuer because you will always have sin in your heart. Sin is when you turn away from God and lose Him, so Jesus died on the cross for our sins and because we lost Him He died and found us. Jesus is up in Heaven bonding with some people that are dead already and one day my parents and I will go up to Heaven and get to meet Jesus cause He's making a space for us too."



James Hunter III // Watercolor, ink

"When the sun starts to set, the trees that are far away start to get black because the night makes everything dark. The bright colors remind me of a family like UCA because families take care of each other. The black is like sin. When I get frustrated I want to do bad things, but even when I mess up Jesus still says, "Where are you? I want to be with you." Because He loves me from when the sun comes up to when the sun goes down and even in the dark part of the night."



Second Grade Collaboration // Oil pastel

"Flowers are special because they smell so good and people like them because they are pretty. People use them for decorations and stuff. On your wedding day or Valentine's Day you might get some flowers 'cause people wanna say they love you. Or some people like to grow them in their garden. Mans give women flowers but I don't really know why but maybe because flowers are pretty like girls."



Siryah Foreman // Watercolor, Sharpie

"This is Kansas City. It's a special place because Jesus made all the people here special. In our city we celebrate big, we take care of each other, and we show compassion to everybody. I want to make Kansas City a better place by being a teacher so I can help kids learn so their brains can grow."